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National Demonstration! The Group was awarded the National Harmonious Labor Relations Model Enterprise

Published in: 2022-09-22

On the morning of September 22, the National Harmonious Labor Relations Demonstration Experience Exchange meeting was held in Beijing by teleconference. HOdo Group was awarded the title of "National Harmonious Labor Relations Demonstration Enterprise." He received a commendation at the Jiangsu Provincial branch meeting and made a speech as the only representative of Jiangsu Province, introducing the experience of establishing harmonious labour relations of HOdo.


Performance-oriented so that the career of workers has hope. HOdo Group's approach is to create a bottom-up career path through "system selection." Let more front-line workers have access to upward mobility. Over the years, HOdo has more than 100 front-line workers, through learning, completed the leap from blue-collar to white-collar; More than 700 employees competed for managerial positions. Red bean workers generally believe that: HOdo employment depends on performance, not relationships; as long as you have the ability and hard work, you will have a fair development opportunity, as are the enterprise owners.


With help and support, workers have a lively life. As the first enterprise in China to pass the "CSC9000T" corporate social responsibility certification, Hongdou Group has established a relatively perfect mechanism of normal wage increase, and the annual income of first-line skilled workers is higher than the average level of local enterprises. Nearly 80 million yuan is invested every year to provide preferential accommodation for front-line workers; To build 20 dormitory buildings for staff, and provide an 800,000 yuan settlement subsidy for talents with special contributions; A charity fund of 25 million yuan for red beans has been established, with a total of 10.125 million yuan supported by more than 900 needy workers.


Take care as the starting point so that the rights and interests of workers are protected. The characteristics of Hongdou culture lie in "love," which is to care for employees and their families and strive to create a happy Hongdou. HOdo Group has set up the labour union committee, labour dispute mediation committee, labour law supervision committee, etc., to safeguard employees' legitimate rights and interests. The canteen was widely set up in each factory; the Party secretary opened and read the letter from the "secretary box" and "union box." Each first-line workshop has an "echo wall" where workers can freely raise their opinions and complain, constantly unblocking the voice channels of the masses and timely responding to the concerns and demands of workers; In March of each year, we carry out the incentive collection activities of reasonable suggestions for employees. We will promote a mechanism of two-way communication and consultation that facilitates discussion.


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